Drive real-world visits with
Location-based Geo Fence Ads

Altura Social can reach your customers based on where they are or have been to drive real visits to your stores.

See how Altura Social Geo Fence Ads works

Where people go is the truest indicator of a purchaser’s intent. Think about it, the places you visit throughout the day say a lot more your habits and who you are than, say, a search online or a like on social media. Harness the power of a location-based self serve advertising platform to reach the right people and encourage them to visit your store.

Location tactics to drive results for our clients.

Our ads are the most sophisticated location-based advertising platform on the market. We can choose from hundreds of customizable options including the audience targeting, location-based targeting and weather targeting. Plus, with a Cost Per Visit advertising model, you only pay when an in-store visit occurs. Whether you’re looking to increase your website traffic or in-store sales, our ads are proven to get you there.

We use proximity targeting to reach people around a store

Give users within a 0.1-3 mile radius around your store directions to drive them inside.

Reach a customized list of competitors’ locations

Target people who have visited your clients’ competitor locations.

Reach Behavioral Audience groups based on past visitation

For example, reach users bucketed as Millennials, contractors, working moms, etc.

Measure in-store visits to calculate return on ad spend

Calculate ROAS based on the number of store visits that resulted from your ad campaign.
Altura Social can help business owners

Drive offline visits and sales. Increase brand awareness. Generate consumer insights

Location-Based Marketing Technology

Here’s something you might not know. Even in today’s connected world, understanding how your customers behave on-the-ground is crucial. Identifying, with pinpoint accuracy, who these customers are, and how they behave, can open up incredible possibilities for your business.

With access to location-based marketing technology you get a unique view of physical consumer behavior, like where they are, where they’ve been, and predict where they may go next and even account for localized weather conditions. All giving you the tools and insights to make smarter decisions for your business. Here’s how it's done:


It all starts with an accurate understanding of where someone is. Altura Social has access to the largest location-based advertising platform in the world. We can see 10x more people than our nearest competitor, reaching nearly a billion users a month, in more than twenty one countries around the world. And, we ensured the data is the highest quality. When someone uses a location-enabled app the technology verifies the location signal for precision and accuracy. Each signal is run through our patented, location verification process, removing inaccuracies, filtering outliers, and analyzing patterns. This yields precise mobile location targeting data you can trust.


Next we match these signals to places. Blueprints is the proprietary mapping technology we use, built with the specific purpose of contextualizing the offline world and over 100 million unique locations all over the globe to choose form. The blueprints are dissected into multiple layers that mimic the real-world. so we can tell precisely whether a person is in a store, in the parking lot, or within walking distance of a location. This allows us to distinguish a passerby from an actual or potential customer. And for even deeper insight, there’s the neighborhoods technology, which maps defined areas that show high visitation affinity to nearby stores or locations. With access to technology this powerful, Business owners can receive better action on offline behaviors.


All this adds up to measurable performance. Whether that’s driving traffic to your site (or store), increasing sales, or enabling you to plan, predict and prepare for real consumer behaviour. Your business doesn’t need guesses. It needs the reality on the ground. So, let us show you the amazing things we can do with location data that tells the truth.

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